Jessica Burko has been working as a professional arts marketer since 1997. Burko connects with a wide breadth of creatives as a community arts organizer and regularly lectures and leads arts marketing workshops through organizations including the Danforth Museum, and Mass MoCA's Assets for Artists program.

Burko's marketing presentations can be presented via projector for large groups or can be structured as more intimate hands-on workshops. To discuss the needs of your group and to schedule a workshop contact:

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to, the following...

Arts Marketing 101
What is this marketing thing all about? Arts Marketing 101 covers the basics of what marketing means for artists and presents pain-free ways you can market yourself and your art. This workshop also provides an overview of branding concepts, how to begin a marketing plan, and what marketing materials are most important for you to develop as you create a path to your own success.

Arts Marketing In Action
Today's artists need more than talent to succeed. To achieve creative goals in the 21st century artists need to sharpen their business skills as well their pencils and hone their arts marketing expertise. Best practices in self-promotion will be demonstrated in this workshop as the path of one artist's marketing plan is traced from the early stages to a feature in a major national publication.

Writing for Artists
Tired of insisting the art speaks for itself? Help your art career fall into place by giving your work, and yourself, a voice. Galleries, the press, and anyone with a grant to offer, want to read your words. You need words on your website, blog, and social media. Learn and practice what makes an effective bio, artist statement, CV, and how titles for your works can really take it places.

Developing an Online Persona
In this visually aesthetic and brand-driven culture a small business can't survive without a presence online. An online persona is more than just a website, it’s how all of your online identities relate and intersect. This workshop will cover how to develop and maintain your brand online through the use of social media, your own website, and blogging, why artists need to pay attention to any of this, and how your online persona can expand your offline career.

Presenting Yourself as an Artist
In a world of speed dating, micro blogging, and multi tasking, one must be prepared for opportunities before they quickly pass by. It’s not enough to have your images and written materials ready at the touch of a button, an artist must be prepared to speak about their work with clarity, brevity, and confidence. This workshop focuses on fortifying oneself for the question: “So, what do YOU do?” and harnessing the self-assurance to provide the answer.

Make the Most of Open Studios
Participating in an Open Studios weekend is an opportunity to share your work while directly connecting with your audience in a way that’s not possible when exhibiting in a gallery. Make the most of open studios by learning to strengthen your marketing materials and outreach strategy through social networking , improve sales and capitalize on having a captive audience, and follow-up after the event. Being able to engage viewers with art and conversation is a unique opportunity to share your story along with your talent and make sales on your own terms.

Producing Art and Craft Fairs
Ever considered producing your own art event? Going from idea to showtime is easier than you think. This workshop covers navigating the basic steps for developing a show concept, putting together a budget, gathering the exhibitors, and making it happen utilizing current examples of local art and craft fairs. Discover how to design your own event, and take a stroll on the other side of the business.

Arts Marketing Consultation for Groups
Successful Arts Marketing takes your art beyond the portfolio to a place where you are achieving your creative professional goals. Through one-on-one mini-consulting sessions or group Q & A roundtables, Jessica Burko will assist in identifying your goals, creating a focused marketing plan, discovering your best audience, and help you initiate a strategy to promote your work more effectively.